Monday, April 7, 2008


A lot of us are taught that backsliding is falling back into our old sinful nature. It can be and it is. It’s so easy to slide down the slope of our old addictions if we don’t watch ourselves. But if we do trip and fall, does that mean that God stops loving us? No. Problem that we sometimes have is the self-righteous would like us to believe that. People backslide and turn away from God, not because God has stopped loving them, but because some self-righteous, unloving person misrepresented God and convinces those that are hurting that God doesn't love them, when in fact He loves you so much that He sacrificed His Son on the cross to make you acceptable to Him.

It’s God’s kindness that leads us to repentance. We forget that sometimes when we have a ‘I’m so good, they’re so bad’ attitude, or even a “I’m not that bad” opinion of yourself.

But, you know what? Backsliding can be sliding back into the attitude that “I’m good enough to get into heaven by what I’ve done.” This is more subtle and dangerous because this basically says that what Jesus did on the cross for us was not sufficient and now you have to be a good little boy or girl to find acceptance in the eyes of God. Who are we comparing ourselves to? (Maybe I’ll try to expound on this at a later time. Or maybe I already have. LOL)

God declared that He would write His laws on our hearts. It is no longer the letter written in stone, but that that is written on the heart. Those who put their faith in Christ are those who have God’s law written on their hearts. What is God’s law? “Love God with all your heart, mind, body and soul and love your neighbor as yourself.” Against such there is no law.

Do we not trample Christ underfoot when we go back to the thinking that “I am good enough to be accepted into heaven.” Isn’t that basically telling God, “Hey God, Jesus didn’t have to die, because I’m good enough.” None of us are worthy. None of us are righteous. None of us are innocent. Only Jesus is worthy. Only Jesus is righteous. Only Jesus is the acceptable sacrifice for the sins of mankind.

When we put our faith in Christ’s sacrifice on the cross as our only means of salvation, God puts within us a new heart that longs for Him and Him alone. We desire what He wants for us. Yes, we do battle with our old nature, but it’s God love for us that draws us near to Him.
When we starting thinking that we are ‘good’ we lose sight of the fact that it’s Christ in us that brings us any semblance of good. There is only one that is good, that is God.

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