Thursday, February 25, 2010

God Bless Our Troops.

I have this picture over my desk of the Vietnam memorial statue I believe is in Washington DC - three soldiers walking together. Underneath it I have the phrase “Why We are Here.” In a world full of evil and uncertainty, there are people who are keeping us safe. Our country, our freedoms and our families depend on others to keep the lions at bay. Men, women, immigrants and natural born citizens have joined our military ranks to protect and defend us.
I am just one person. But I realize that I am part of a bigger picture. I don’t delude myself into thinking that people around the world are just like me. Oh, they have hair, and fingers and toes and eat and breathe, and drink and so many other things that I do as a human. But I don’t believe they hold the same values that I do. There are people that I work with that don’t think or believe the way that I do, so I bid them a good day, do what I can to work with them and thank them for their time. Almost all of them are part of this great country and most of them I don’t believe want to physically harm me or my family.
But, there are those that are not a part of this nation that come here with one thing in mind – bring this nation down. But this nation is made of people, people who work, play, read, love, cry, laugh and desire. Most don’t rejoice when a child is murdered or hurt. But, I’ve seen that from people in other countries. I’ve seen people from other countries who rejoice when innocents are slaughtered and maimed - things that we are accused of doing by some in our own nation. While those that actually do those acts are defended and given excuses as if it were our fault.
History is filled with people who tried to appease dictators only to realize they will never be appeased. Hitler, Napoleon, Stalin and others all used force to conquer other nations. People in power will use those around them to gain more power.
Slavery was ended by war. Hitler was stopped by war. War is never desired, but sometimes is required.
As I look on the picture over my desk, I pray for the men and women who have volunteered to protect and defend this country from all enemies foreign and domestic. I “pray for peace, while helping to prepare for war.” Do I want us to go to war? Not just no, but Hell no. Do I believe there is a time for peace? Yes. Do I believe there comes a time when talking doesn’t work and it’s time to do something with force? Unfortunately yes.
I am a small part of a bigger picture. I am just part of the support team. But if the support team fails then those that make it possible for me to be part of support may fail, then none of us will be here.
May God bless our troops and their families as they do the hard things, so I won’t have to.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

More on Pride

I was thinking the other day about a saying I once heard. (I don't agree with this saying so read what I have to say after it okay...Don't go all knee jerk on me...LOL)

"I would rather rule in hell, than serve in Heaven."

I believe that is the problem with most people. They have such a prideful view of themselves they refuse to serve. They refuse to serve those around them. They refuse to be subordinate to anyone. What happens is the hell they end up ruling is the hell they've created. They rant and rave about nothing going their way. No one catering to their needs, and after a while they find themselves alone in their own hell...but hey, they rule!!!

Yet the creator of the Universe didn't see anything wrong with being a servant. He washed His disciples feet. He touched the lame. He sought no government power.

We don't serve because it's beneath us.

There are those that believe in serving, by making others serve at the end of a gun while they rule. Using government coercion to make those that have give to those that don't have, yet all the while not making those that don't have serve.

True faith leads to servant-hood. Because love serves. And true faith and love requires no government coercion to act.

If you read this...I hope you seek the Lords guidance. May you be blessed and inspired by He who is Love.