Wednesday, March 8, 2017

    It has been so long since I’ve been in these pages. My blog must feel so neglected. So much has happened around me that I don’t know where to begin.
    Let’s begin with the big one. A Bible teacher that I had a lot of respect for and sat under his teaching for a number of years was discovered to be living in a polygamous relationship and recently confessed to killing his second wife. Without getting into the issue, a lot of people were affected. Was my faith shaken? Nope. Do I still believe that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life? Yes. Was I hurt, sad, disappointed, surprised, shocked, and ticked off? Yes. Did I lose my faith in God? No.
    Years ago, another flawed Christian stated in a newsletter after the Jim and Tammy Baker incident, said basically, and I paraphrase, “if your faith is shaken because another human proved to be ‘human,’ then your faith is in the wrong place.”
    I have so many people that I have respect for that have stopped going to church because of what has happened. I know people that have become bitter or are hurting because of what happened.
I have a quote on my work computer that states, “I would rather live my life free from bitterness, than live whining about being a victim. Forgiveness is the key.”
    I do find myself frustrated at the way some people act or things they have done. I find myself frustrated with myself because of things that I do or things that I’m not doing, or all the time I waste.
Do I believe you have to go to church to be saved? No. I believe that being a part of the body of Christ, whether in a home church, or an organized building helps one to keep their hope alive. But, being a part of a body also has its own issues. Why? Because we are all flawed humans in need of the Savior.
    I’ve encountered people that are so unaware of their own selfishness or so unaware of their insensitivity that they get offended if you point it out or they blame the person pointing out their flaw for the issue in the first place. They don’t change. They don’t repent. They are the “I’m sorry but…” or “I sorry you took it that way…” people. They justify their behavior.
     Where is all this going? Nowhere really. Just rambling a bit.
     Here’s another thing that is going on in my life. I am currently in a band. If you are interested you can check us out at

Love Jesus, Listen to Pink Floyd, Eat Cheesecake,
DJ Glen