Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I haven't been in blogging much lately, but to all my friends out there....

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Car Ads and Relationships

I saw a car advertisement that had a girl that was worried about her parents not socializing enough because they only had 16 friends on Facebook, but she had over 200 friends. While she talked, the scene would flash between her sitting at her computer by herself and her parents out in their car enjoying a party with their 16 friends. Sad state of affairs for people when they think they have a social life based on a number of people that have ‘friended’ them on the computer.

Need to shop? Go online.

Need to donate money? Go online.

Want to farm? Farmville!

Want to play games? We have an app for that.

The only reason anyone socializes any more is because we need money to pay for all the gadgets we want.

Have our gadgets become our task masters?

“My TV works fine, but it’s not big enough.”

“My DVD player plays DVDs well enough, but it’s not a BluRay disc player. Oh, the quality is so wonderful; it’s almost like being there.” Now you have to replace all your DVDs with BluRay discs.

Huh? Why not try ‘being there.’ Can’t get any more real than that.

We get our news from the internet. We don’t talk to people anymore. We have so isolated ourselves we don’t know how to have relationships anymore. We bury our faces in computers, books, video games, chat rooms, and the list goes on.

It’s easy to trash talk someone you don’t know personally. It’s easy to look down on those you don’t have a relationship with. When we can depersonalize people it’s easy to dismiss them and their opinions. When we refuse to talk to people because they don’t agree with what we think that’s NOT love. When you feel you must resort to name calling, you’ve lost any argument or point you may have tried to make. If you want to claim someone is going to hell before you even get to know that person, why should they even listen to you share with them about Jesus.

Ask yourself this, "How did Jesus approach people?" His worst criticisms and references of 'children of the devil' were always directed at religious people. Hmm?

Anyway. Until next time...whenever that will be...Love Jesus, eat cheesecake and listen to some Pink Floyd


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