Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Be Love

We miss so much
Just trying to be right
We get lost in the dark
Closing our eyes to the Light
We spend too much time
Just trying to be good
And we miss the point
That we should be Love
It's so easy to miss
All the blessings out there
When we close ourselves off
And our lives we don't share
So open your heart
And let God's love in
Then pour it all out
Then be filled up again
Love is the reward
That is meant to be shared
Christ will fill up
The heart that's prepared!!!

Be a blessing
Blessing and Grace all,


JesusBmyKing said...

Awesome poem! Thanks for sharing.

DJ GlenMC said...

I was originally going to send it out as one of the emails that I've been sending to everyone, but I took today off from work. I actually wrote it yesterday and thought, hey, I'll just put it on my blog.
Maybe I'll email it out tomorrow too...
Be blessed.
Thanks for the comment.


Carrie said...

Ok, one, I love it is on such important subject, yet delivered in such a light-hearted rhyme.
you rock glen.
bye the way. you know how long it took for me to grasp this. that part is not light-hearted for me, but relief.(God given which to me so long to receive...ugha)

i might want to stop blogging now, not really clear (brain) this early, so I hear from you later.
love ya

DJ GlenMC said...

Keep pouring out.
Be blessed...
I can be in a fog most of the time myself.