Sunday, April 17, 2011

K is for Kinetic Energy

Kinetic Energy...what is it?
Heck if I know.
But it starts with K and I got that letter taken care of for the day.
Wish I could see TobyMac. He's playing here tonight. I saw him when he was early in his career with DC Talk. (That has nothing to do with Kinetic Energy btw)

So, anyway....Kinetic on the link. It will take you to a wikipedia reference to Kinetic energy so maybe you let me get back to goofy off and stop asking me about kinetic energy.

Be blessed. Be a blessing.
Eat cheesecake. Listen to Pink Floyd. Love Jesus above all else...Really...


a sojourner said...

QUOTE: Another possibility would be for the cyclist to apply the brakes, in which case the kinetic energy would be dissipated through friction as heat.

so....kissing your wife would also be considered KIN-etic energy too, right?

DJ GlenMC said...

Thanks for the input, but how would I know? LOL


Now, I have to come up with something for L - Z...hmmm