Monday, April 11, 2011

H is for Hope

One of the definitions of hope is “to look forward to with desire and reasonable confidence.”

One of the most recognizable chapters in the Bible, 1st Corinthians 13, ends with the following verse, (13) “And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.”

Some time ago I wrote one of my little ramblings on the verse about faith, hope and love. My emphasis was on the last part of the verse that states, “But the greatest of these is love.”

Right now I’m going to focus on hope. Why? Because H is for Hope. But I have to do a little bit on the other two words. Faith is what saves us. Who we put our faith in is what saves us. Work doesn’t save us. Words don’t save us. Who do you REALLY put your faith in? I believe I am saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. Not by works. Religious people have problems with grace. They like to talk about it, but their attitudes reflect a view of “works.”

My pastor the other day told a story about 2 pastors that were riding horses. One was legalistic and the other was discussing grace. The legalistic pastor after a bit of discussion said, “Well, if I believed like you do, I would just take it upon myself to knock you out and take your horse for myself and not worry about the consequences.”

The other pastor looked at him and said, “If you REALLY believed like I do, that thought would never enter your mind.”

I believe that when you truly put your faith is Jesus you do gain hope and your life becomes guided by love. People can be religious and never know love. Religion says, “you must do these things or god will not accept you.”

God says, “I love you so much, trust me.” I believe in Jesus. This gives me hope and my hope is guided by love. I have hope because I know that there is more to this life. I know that He has prepared a place for me. I know that if I die today, I have a tomorrow. Hope sustains me in times of trouble. Love guides me and gives me hope.

There is so much more that I can write on this subject, but I will leave you with this thought. If God is love, and Jesus is God incarnate, then Jesus must be the embodiment of Love. Should we not trust Him to reveal to us how to love each other?

Be blessed. Be a blessing.

Cheesecake. Floyd. Love Jesus above all else



a sojourner said...

hmmmm....:0) i read this earlier today but decided i would come back and read it again! i welcome anything else you wish to say on this subject too! things to ponder upon!

Tracy Jo said...

Beautiful post.


DJ GlenMC said...

thanks for the comment sojourner. glad your still around.
Hello Tracy Jo.
Thanks for stopping by.

Be blessed. Be a blessing.

Ciara said...

Great post.

I'm a new follower from the A-Z challenge. :)

Joanne said...

Amen! Love this!!!! Blessings, Joanne

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