Tuesday, April 13, 2010

K is for Kindness

In this day and age kindness is a rare quality. We seem to live in a ‘every man for himself’ attitude. Simple acts like paying for someone’s meal or offering someone a ride or just a simple smile to a stranger are becoming rare.

I saw a bumper sticker once that said, ‘Smile. It makes people wonder what you’re up to.’ Simply offering to help someone is questioned. We have bred cynics. We live with distrust. We don’t take anyone at their word anymore, because we don’t trust anyone.

There are plenty of kind people. We just don’t trust most of them. Business people who are only nice because it affects their bottom line or religious people who are nice because they want to ‘convert’ you to their point of view all add to the age of distrust.

We should remember that “Love is Kind.” In Christ, kindness is a fruit of the spirit. It becomes a part of who we are in Christ. It should flow, not because it affects our bottom line, or because it means someone will be more receptive to ‘our message.’ It should be a part of who we are because it is who we are in Christ.

Start with a smile to a stranger. Maybe say something nice to someone you particularly don’t like. If they say something stupid of mean in return, just smile and walk away.

Be blessed, be a blessing.


Nf1andprek-whisper said...

I found your blog post to be interesting as today I took my child to mcdonald's as a treat, not a place I bring him often as he has adhd and the preservatives get him going, LOL but anyway i did not have enough money for his plain chicken and my yogurt parfait, I was 27 cents short, and ran to look under my car seats, an older man wanted to help me and said dont' go out let me pay, I love the pay it forward therory and I do it to others alot ,but for some weird reason my brain doesn't accept help unless I have no other options, so i ran to my car found the cents and when I was coming in with it, he said I would have given it to you. I thanked him and said he was kind, he did not seem pleased????

DJ GlenMC said...

I think sometimes pride prevents us from accepting kind acts, but also we need to still be kind if someone doesn't accept our kind act.

Be blessed. Be a blessing. Accept kind acts. Perform kind acts.

Glad you found my blog spot.


arlee bird said...

That was a message that was very well worded. I wish a whole lot of people would read this and then act upon it.