Monday, April 12, 2010

H is for Habbakuk

Thought I would backtrack a letter or two since I'm just now jumping into this fray.

Habbakuk was ticked at God. "Why God are you punishing Israel with a people that are a WHOLE LOT worse than we are?" (Don't we do that, take pride in ourselves and think we don't deserve what we are getting? I once heard someone say, "Why do bad things happen to good people, is not the question to ask. The question to ask is why do good things happen to bad people?" Did not Jesus say, "There is none good but God.")

Okay back to Habbakuk. He asked his question then went up on a tall tower to wait on God. (Sometimes we need to wait. "They that wait on the Lord, shall renew their strength...")

God shows up and says, "Habbakuk, I want you do something for me."

"What God?"

"I want you to make me a sign so big people that come by this tower can read it." (Basically the first Billboard)

"Okay God. What should it say?"

"I want it to say...THE JUST SHALL LIVE BY FAITH."


Then God went on to explain, that it was He who raised up the people who would punish Israel. It was He that would deal with them when He deemed the time was right.
We, as a people, need to LIVE BY FAITH. Trust Him when we don't want to. Hold fast to Him when we want to let go. LET HIM LOVE US.

Okay...enough of my ponderings for today...
Tomorrow is K...

Until then...Blessings and Grace,


Bud Ezekiel H. said...

there you go! getting right into it. pretty soon there will be more faces around here other then Lee's and mine.

the world's first bill board? figured there was some creativity lurking in the back ground:)

arlee bird said...

Another good post about an oft neglected Biblical figure. Good perspective on this one.