Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Pride is such a dangerous thing. Lucifer's fall was precipitated upon his desire to be greater than God.

Man rejects God's precious gift of Jesus out of pride...man's desire to be the master of his own life. Families and friendships are destroyed due to pride. The simple act of saying "I'm sorry" is often not said due to pride. So much violence and hatred is inflicted upon society because some people's pride had been hurt.

I read a report once that said some of the most violent acts have been committed by people, not with low self esteem, but with rather a high bit of self esteem. They believed themselves to be self important and if someone disrespected them, they got violent.

Hatred and racism are based in pride. "I'm better than you."

Religious people refuse to love those whom Jesus called us to love out of a misplaced sense of pride. "I am God's child, I can't been seen with 'that' person. I can't talk to that person." Funny though, Jesus, God in the flesh, always talked to those whom the religious would avoid.

Maybe I'll have something more to say...if you read this great. If not, I hope you at least look into Jesus.

Blessing until another day.


arlee bird said...

You have expressed thoughts here that are so true. It's especially sad when Christians won't humble themselves to serve others.

It was great to see you posting again-- don't give it up!


DJ GlenMC said...

I am in the process of actually writing something more in-depth, but felt like posting that.
Thanks for the comments bro.

arlee bird said...

I don't know if you're at all familiar with this, but another blog bestowed me with this "Friendship Award" and I hope you don't mind if I pass it on to you. See my 2nd post for Sat, 11/14 It seems kind of like a chain letter to me, but I guess it's a way to get more notice for your blog so I hope it gets some desirable traffic for you.