Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I deactived my account...then reactivated it...LOL...
Got bored on my computer...sad...but no one noticed...
I don't even think anyone has read this blog.
Don't matter. I am a Child of God. Jesus loves me whether anyone reads this blog or not. Whether anyone read my whining or not. No matter who controls the reins of power, God is still in control and He loves me anyway. \
So, another day. More words.
Be blessed.
Write me. Don't write me.


arlee bird said...

Okay, I'll write you. And you're correct. Whether or not anyone reads our blogs Jesus still loves us and knows us inside and out. So write on --- never know when someone will come across your musings. Your blog came to my attention when I added Adam Again to my list of favorite music. Such a loss of a great talent, Gene Eugene. As I often will do I checked out who else was a fan of Adam Again and saw you and thought I check your blog. It's kind of coincidental maybe. Last night as I was at my computer late I was repetitively playing two songs (something I rarely do)-- "Don't Cry" by Adam Again and "There Forever" by the 77's. This morning I continued listening to the entire Adam Again PERFECTA album. I notice you are not only a fan of both of these great groups, but also Daniel Amos and some of my other favorites as well. Good taste!
Just to relate a story about Gene Eugene. Several years ago, around '93 or '94 maybe, I was attending a grand opening party of a store that one of my new customers was having in Long Beach, CA. I was managing a wholesale company at the time and this customer had bought some merchandise to stock her odd little store which she had called MADD. At the party, which had overflowed onto the sidewalk since her store was so small, I started conversing with a soft-spoken very nice man by the name of Dan Michaels who said he was a friend of the store owner. He mentioned that he played saxophone in a band that played Christian music and that they had released some albums. Since I was a big Christian music fan of many years (although he was not yet aware of this fact) I asked what band. He said it was a band that I had probably never heard of called The Choir. I excitedly said that of course I was familiar with them and owned several of their albums. I guess that due to the nature of the party and the types of people that were mostly there (it appeared to definately be a non-Christian crowd)he was surprised that someone at this party would be familiar with the music of The Choir. Well now we really got to talking about things for some length of time. Then Dan directed me to a rather short guy and said maybe you're familiar with his music as well, this is Gene Eugene. I was kind of stunned. I was an even bigger Adam Again fan. I told him how much I liked his music, but didn't say much else. I wish I had conversed with him more. He seemed like a kind of quiet guy. It's funny how sometimes we encounter people at the most unexpected times and places.
In any case I going to add my name as a follower of your blog and check back on you. Hope you will check my blog which I have been doing nearly 2 weeks now and add your name as a follower on mine as well. Keep on blogging and may God's Blessings be abundant in your life.


arlee bird said...


It was really good to get a reply from you. I too wonder if anyone out there is ever listening and it's good to get a confiramation. Hey I totally understand about your situation. I've been out of work since this past February. Fortunately my children all on their own so I don't have those expenses. And like you, other than various family functions, church is about the only time I get out of the house. Got connected with Terry Scott Taylor on Facebook a while back--- I've never met him, but I'm his "friend" and keep up with his tour and all. I have three Daniel Amos vinyls that I don't get to listen to anymore since my turntable needs a cartridge and I've never replaced it. But I've got several of their albums on CD and cassette.
I checked out your website. Looked good. Is that your main job? DJing seems like it would be fun.
Again, thanks for your support, and I'll be looking for your next posting.

DJ GlenMC said...

Nah, DJing is what I do for fun. I actually am a supervisor of my department for a contractor. Been doing that for 26 years.
I started the DJ work in 2006 after my mother died.
My youngest just turned 18 and is a senior in HS. He'll be going to New York in Nov with the Band. It should be cool.
It was good to hear from you.
Terry's cool. So is Steve Hindalong and Terry's son. The song Buffalo Hills was a tribute to his son when his son was younger. Cool stuff.
Have a good one dude. Later.