Monday, September 2, 2013


Here it is September. I have not been very active here. Haven't written much. Haven't even been around much on the internet except to post CDs that I'm listening to on Facebook. Other than that I've been working and remodeling the house. Doing the kitchen and the bathroom.

Lots of stuff happening but not much is getting written.

I want to do a formal thing on Habakkuk. Such a good book with so much stuff.

I am also trying to get some things written on going the extra mile.

Hopefully I can get something written soon.

Be blessed. Be a blessing. Eat cheesecake, listen to Pink Floyd, but above all Love Jesus.

DJ Glen

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Arlee Bird said...

Wow it's your biannual post!

You are excused though since you've been so busy. Good to see life stirring on your blog.

Tossing It Out