Saturday, May 7, 2011


Good morning to those who read this blog. I wish I had lots more time to actually keep this more up to date. For those who come back every now and then to see if I've posted anything. Thank you. For those who haven't been here in a while. Thank you for visiting me in the past and becoming a follower.
I make no promise that I'll be keeping this up to date. I don't know what tomorrow, or for that matter, what this afternoon will hold. Life can keep one busy. I know I like sharing my comments and thoughts and appreciate any comments people make. I hope I can make you think.
Jesus said to "go and make disciples." The thing I believe about disciples is that a disciple is not dogmatic but teachable.
We are all on a journey. That journey begins when you walk through the Door (John 10:9). Be open to the Spirit of God. Follow His lead. Love. Laugh. Pray. Seek Jesus continually. I don't mean religion either.

Be blessed. Be a blessing.
May the journey be filled with love.
Cheesecake. Pink Floyd. Love Jesus above all else. Ah, Listen to the music.

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