Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Poet Once Said...

A poet once said, "Most men live lives of quiet desperation." I sometimes understand what he meant. There are some days where I feel so lonely in a crowd of people. Who can I talk to? Who can I share with? Is God listening? I know He cares, but as the child who cried in the night to its parents, when the parents assured the child that Jesus was protecting him, he quietly said, "I need Jesus with skin on."

I, in my humanness, need Jesus with skin on sometimes too. I need the touch of another. Can the ones around us know? Do they want to know? Will they turn and walk away if they could see the thoughts inside this skin? Or will they love, for love covers a multitude of sins?

The computer screen can be therapeutic. It can give the opportunity to release some thoughts. But it can be so cold. No skin on. No shoulder to lean on.

Sometimes it can be lonely even with your family.

Sometimes I feel those moments of "quiet desperation."

Keep me and each other in your prayers.

Be blessed. Be a blessing. If you must, be Jesus with skin on for those around you.
Love Jesus, eat cheesecake, listen to Pink Floyd.

Still around.


Louisiana Belle said...

Reading this post definitely struck a few chords with me. Some days I find it difficult to go on. I want out of this life and wish to go on to the next one. I'm tired of the rat race. Being a Christian is getting more difficult with the passage of time. But we have to continue and "fight the good fight" and "finish the race". Hang in there. If Job survived his trials, certainly you and I can survive ours. :)

DJ GlenMC said...

Living can be hard. Giving up is too easy. May we find strength in the Lord during the hard times. May we find joy in the trials.

I went to a training session today that said always try to be positive. The world is finally starting to figure out that God was right when He told us to "Rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS."

Even when we don't feel like it, as Casting Crowns would sing, "I will praise in this storm/and I will lift my head/for You are who You are/No matter where I stand."

Be blessed. Be a blessing even in the storm.

Arlee Bird said...

I know where you're coming from Glen. It used to be worse when I was younger because I craved social interaction more. But now that I'm an old codger, I entertain myself more and enjoy my alone time. Still, I sometimes wished that friends or family called me more often.

I know a lot of it's up to me. I need to go out and socialize more. The computer can be a great refuge though, and writing can be pretty theraputic.

Now if I could only find a good income producing situation! Yeah life can be hard sometimes, but I praise God for the gift of life.

Hang in there Glen. You've got people out here who care, even though you may not hear from us all the time.

Tossing It Out

DJ GlenMC said...

Thank Arlee. Sometimes God uses my loneliness as a reminder that there are others who need "Jesus with skin on" and God may be calling me to be that embodiment.

Be blessed. Be a blessing. Pray for one another.
Eat cheesecake. Listen to God, then maybe some Pink Floyd.