Wednesday, May 26, 2010

If I Were a...(My tagged responses)

If I were a...

MONTH: October. The month when it starts to change, the weather starts to just get a bit cooler and the leaves are starting to change. (Well, in other states. Here in Florida, most of the pine trees stay green.)

DAY: Saturday. It's the day to sleep in. Maybe I'll have a DJ gig in the evening.

TIME OF DAY: 8:00 PM. Usually close to kickin' in the cool music after everyone has had dinner at a Wedding reception. The dance music is getting ready to break forth and the fun will begin.

SEASON: Autumn. Just starting to get cool. Light jacket weather.

PLANET: Earth. Full of life and struggles. This is my inner self. Saved by grace. Working it out. Struggling still.

DIRECTION: Can be rather undecided and wandering.

TREE: Oak tree. Tall (well, actually, I'm not that tall) and strong (I have been going to the gym though). Makes good fire wood or great looking cabinets and wood furniture (hence, is useful.)

ANIMAL: Vacillate between a dog, friendly and loving, to a cat, independent and quiet.

MUSICAL INSTRUMENT: Acoustic Guitar. Something that resonates.

FRUIT: Watermelon. It's perfect in the summer. It almost makes me forget the crazy hot. Almost.

FOOD: Spaghetti, with a nice side salad with 1000 island dressing and some cheesecake for dessert. A little sloppy. A little healthy. ALL least I can pretend.

COLOR: Blue...sometimes...represents how I feel sometimes...I rejoice in the Lord, but sometimes am saddened by the lack of love and compassion from the people who claim to be His servants.

BOOK: Book of Philippians...

SONG: Welcome to Struggleville. It seems I live in the struggles. It seems I'm the cause of my struggles. Thank God for Jesus.
"I've been trying to negotiate peace
With my own existence.
She's gotta stockpile full of weaponry;
She breaking every cease-fire agreement.
Whole thing is full of decay
Just as sure as I'm made of dust,
And into rust I know the beast is falling."

MOVIE: Return to Me. David (X-Files) Duchovney(?) and Minnie Driver. I loves me a movie that can make you laugh and cry and not be embarrassing. This is what I want to be able to do in life...make people laugh, make people cry for good reasons.

FLOWER: Gardenia.

FACIAL EXPRESSION: Smile. Laughter is good. But sometimes in a somber moment people just need a smile.

Be blessed. Be a Blessing.
Let me reach out and tag someone.

My tagged peeps...

Louisiana Belle - She just had to watch her daughter move to another place.

Justin Dell - Another Great Blogger.

Don't take it personally if I didn't tag you. Since most of you have probably been tagged already and I don't know what I'm doing anyway...



Loved your answers.I was tagged on this one last week.


JustineDell said...

Hopefully I'll actually get around to doing this one ;-)

It's alwasy nice learning more about other bloggers! Thanks for sharing your answers.


Lisa said...

Great answers and very fitting - from what I know of you anyway. :)

Of course I loved the "food" answer. Had to stretch that one out, didn't ya?! :)

I hope your day is great and your color changes from Blue to Yellow. Yellow is the sun and the sun is smiling down on you!!

Louisiana Belle said...

I can't believe you love "Return to Me"! I LOVE that movie! It's one of our favorites.

Thank you for tagging me on this. Believe it or not I was looking for a meme for my blog all day yesterday and couldn't find one I liked. I can't wait to do this one!

Hope you have a very blessed day, Glen!

Louisiana Belle said...

Oh! And I like the new blog look.

DJ GlenMC said...

Thanks everyone. The Fruit answer is wrong. I copied and pasted the list from Wolfie's web site and missed changing the Fruit. In a way Watermelon would be appropriate...Round and full of water...LOL...but I'm more of a ...uh...would NUT be considered a fruit?

Be blessed. Be a blessing.
And yes, Return to Me is my fav-o-rite movie...


Bob West said...

I enjoyed you blog! Very insightful
Hopefully, you'll get a lot out of mine.
God Bless, Bob West