Monday, May 17, 2010

15 Fantasy Island Picks

Okay, I meant to post this this morning. Here's my list.
15 Favorites in no particular order

77s - Sticks and Stones
One of the best "outtakes" CDs ever. Some great stuff here.

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
One of my all time favorite Floyd masterpieces.
"Come in here dear boy/Have a cigar/You're gonna go far...
Oh by the way/Which one's Pink?"

The Cars - The Cars (First Album)
"Life's the same/I'm movin' in stereo/Life's the same/Except for my shoes"
Great song. Great CD.

Lost Dogs - Little Red Riding Hood
Great slice of Americana type music. Eleanor It's Raining is possibly one of my most favorite songs.

Daniel Amos - Vox Humana
"Sanctuary" from this CD was the very first Daniel Amos song I've ever heard. Have loved the band ever since.

The Choir - Wide Eyed Wonder
How can you not love a CD that's sings about kids...

Steve Taylor - I Predict 1990
Irony and sarcasm with a little humor thrown in. Some of the best writing of songs dealing with great subjects. "What is the Measure of Your Success" "Are You a Principled Man."

Kansas - Leftoverture
Grand daddy's of progressive rock.
Great music. Searching lyrics. Amazing music.

Vigilantes of Love - Welcome to Struggleville
Life is a struggle. Don't ignore it. Embrace it and grow.
"Welcome all you suckers to Struggleville."
Talk about words of profoundity...

Pink Floyd - Animals
CD with just 5 songs. 2 are just different versions of the same song.
Great music carries this one.

Adam Again - 10 Songs By Adam Again
Stories and songs about life. Sad that such an artist is gone for now. But, is in heaven with Mark Heard (Who should be on this list too.

Brad Paisley - 5th Gear
Such creativity and humor. Touching and funny.
Ticks and Online...such silliness. Besides, I can relate to Online. "I'm so much cooler online/Yeah, I'm cooler online"

Chris Hayes - Eyelids
Local artist here in FWB, FL, but originally from England. Great voice. Great talent. Love his CD. Quiet. Acoustic. Beautiful.

Mark Heard - Eye of the Storm
Thoughtful. Pensive. Acoustic. Great.
"Out in the eye of the storm/The friends of God suffer no permanent harm."

Crack the Sky - Animal Notes
One of those rare great bands that no one has ever heard of.
Questioning. Makes you think. "Tell me great ones/Just how to write the check."



Great selection, nice layout of blog. I had fun doing mine, sorry it's over.

Take care.


DJ GlenMC said...

Gosh Yvonne. I just posted this...LOL. I had fun too.
I'll have to come up with some other list to throw out there to everyone.

Be blessed. Be a blessing.

arlee bird said...

I like all your picks, except I haven't heard of Chris Hayes and have never heard anything by Crack the Sky, although I've read rave reviews of them.

I especially like "10 by Adam Again". I guess I still have it on cassette tape somewhere, but I haven't been able to find it on CD. It's probably my favorite Adam Again album, although I like all of them.

Outstanding choices -- I'd enjoy those.

Tossing It Out

DJ GlenMC said...

If you get a crack the sky album I would recommend Animal Notes. First heard it in the late 70s when I was still in high school. Safety in Numbers is a good one too.

Chris Hayes is a local artist here in the FWB area. He's from England, but he's got some great music.

Be Blessed. Be a blessing.

Sig Wynne-Evans said...

Cool List! Some I havent heard of, that I must check out!!


Shannon said...

Very nicely done, I haven't heard of anyone but Pink Floyd list!

Bud Ezekiel H. said...

you mean the contest is over? already??? i thought you were going to do this for 15 daYS INNA ROW!

Lisa said...

Pink Floyd only made in there twice? Hmmmm....

The Cars and Kansas - great bands! Most of the others I haven't heard of.

Nice list amigo! :)

Louisiana Belle said...

Great list! I need to go make my own to include Jack White. This looks fun!

DJ GlenMC said...

Get out there. Post your favs. There are some other great albums out there.


Jennee said...

Great list. I could hang out on your island for a little while.

Slamdunk said...

Good selection. I love the old Kansas stuff.

Inside Out said...

I've got Sticks and Stones on my list too. Some of those others are on my top 30 list likely, I never thought of Eye of the Storm, since I went through my iPod only and have that one on cassette... I love that one too!

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

HOKEY-SMOKE! Two Pink Floyd albums listed and neither one of them is "Dark Side Of The Moon"?! You are obviously a nonconformist and a rebel!

~ "Lonesome Dogg" McD-Fens

DJ GlenMC said...

Dark Side was too obvious of a choice. So was the Wall. Those are my two favorite Floyds...