Monday, April 26, 2010

Up to 8 now...Scary...

Jeez...Now I have to write more often. 8 people are following this...LOL...

Lee...The album is called Shrapnel. It uses narration and music and songs to talk about transformation of a man from hopelessness to hope. From living death to loving life. Learning beyond our situations. So many times our reactions to those around us that are not in love are like shrapnel that can tear others' lives apart.

I have most of it written, I just have to write the music to go with the words. And I'm not good with music. I can strum a guitar, but putting words to music is something I haven't mastered yet.

Wish I had a good recording program...:)

Opening Narration: "The unmerciful sun spewed forth its blinding morning light on the unappreciative throngs of groggy practitioners of life. Forcing its way into rooms once darkened by night, the relentless rays pierced the veil of sleep while the resistant mass of human debris desperately seeks, in vein, to remain unconscious.
"The insistent buzzing of the alarm clock acts as a willing ally to the blazing sunlight crashing through the barrier of sleep."

First Song: Awake
A splash of cold water
A blade to my neck
I jump in the shower
My hair is a wreck

I fall into morning
Wipe night from my eyes
Another day trying
And wondering why

And I question existence
And ignore the seasons
Yet with subtle persistence
I search for some reason
What more is there here
But to live then to die
Why should I then care
Why should I even try

I pour a mourning cup
Prepare for another day
I try to wake up
To enter the fray

But where is this going
Where will it lead
Is there a Voice calling
To answer my need?


More narration...

Be blessed. Be a blessing.


Lisa said...


Ann Best said...

Good lyrics. My son, when he was a teenager, wrote music lyrics and played the guitar. He dreamed of touring with a rock band. But he's now 41, a father, a husband, and a web designer. But he still creates music and plays the guitar. Keep running with your dreams. I'll follow. I like to keep in touch with the "younger" generation and the world you live in. I met you through Arlee. He challenged us to get you some followers, so here I am.

Bud Ezekiel H. said...

do you realize that you have written more in this month....then what you have for an entire year? you're doing great brother!!!

DJ GlenMC said...

Thanks to everyone...LOL... do know I'm going to 50 at the end of this year...
Bud, yeah...I know. I've written more because of Lee. Most of this stuff has been rattling around in my head for a while, but I wasn't posting anything because I didn't know if anyone was even reading it. LOL...Lee stumbled in here and now look what he's done...LOL

Be blessed. Be a blessing.

Ann Best said...

Looking at your profile, which I thought I did, I see you're about 50 and older than my son. So you're been running with your dreams for a while. I think it's great to be "older." For a writer this means you have so many experiences to pull out of life's hat. For a musician, too. Be blessed.

arlee bird said...

Now how did I miss this post? I thought I was keeping up. I guess I probably missed a lot of posts in April. I'm still missing posts, but I try to keep up with certain blogs like yours.

Like the lyrics and the concept. Maybe you need to find a collaborator who can help with the music part. You could be like the next Andrew Lloyd Weber / Tim Rice.

Keep pressing on.

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