Friday, April 16, 2010

Lost Dogs

Great Band


arlee bird said...

Good video. They sound a lot more rock than the older CDs that I have. I like the sound.
Tossing It Out

DJ GlenMC said...

Got to hang with them when they were in town for a little while. Not very long. Their new CD is good.

They've progressed to a more rock sound even though I love there older stuff too.


Deborah Ann said...

I like the more twangy, Americana stuff, but it's all good...

Does anyone have a copy of 'Scenic Routes' that they're willing to part with? I have a burned copy, but it's missing that one song about the man who is spending his life in prison (can't think of the name)...

DJ GlenMC said...

The Last Testament of Angus Shane.
Scenic Routes from what I understand is out of print. Great CD.
Not gonna part with it.
Have that song in MP3.
Email me at