Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More Ramblings and stuff.

It's been over a month...the election is over...Obama is the president-elect. My life will go on. The people around me will still need Jesus. Politics will still be in the hands of corrupt people on both sides of the isle. Jesus is still the Lord of all. People will still play their religious games. We will still struggle with who we are in Christ. I will continue to seek Him first and His righteousness. I will remain forever in His hands.

Who are the greatest? Those who need no recognition. Those that need not hold power in order to love those around them. Those who love Jesus and share that love with those around them.
What do you get when you mix religion with politics? Politics.

Jesus is not on any side. Prayerfully we will be on God's side. It's not about power and control. It's about love and surrender. That is hard for the egotistical and self serving. Which pretty much covers most of us.

Think on that awhile.
Be blessed. Be a blessing.

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