Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Don't Matter

In the midst of my struggles
In the midst of my turmoil
In the middle of troubles
In the times my blood boils
When no one is reading
Or if all stop on by
Well I'm feeling blue
Or my spirit's flying high
It don't matter
Cause God loves me
And Jesus is still in control...

Whether you read this
Whether you don't
If you have great knowledge
Whether you don't
God still loves you
He gave His life you see
To adopt you as His child
To forever set you Free...


Carrie said...

you know guys....an email group of quick summery of little things that GOD is showing at the time to each could be a alternative to the "To Blogeth or No To Blogeth?"

That would provide hight tech fellowshipping,encouraging, inspiring,and all that jazz....just a thought.

I know it wasn't on the subject, but thought i would share with you too.

DJ GlenMC said...

We all need more than just words on the screen. A hug, a smile, a word of encouragement said to a heart in need is more that unemotional typings of someone sitting at the computer.
Sometimes blogging is a way of getting what's inside out to a world that may never see it.
But hey...keeps me off the streets. LOL.
Love God, Love your neighbors. Let God deal with the details.
Be blessed.
DJ GlenMC.