Sunday, January 6, 2008


September 11th, 2001 changed the world for a lot of people.

We have since entered into a war that a lot of people object to. I think some people live with their heads in the sand. They believe if we just make nice then all will be okay. I don't believe that. We can't compromise with evil. I don't believe we can allow evil people to kill innocent people because it just emboldens them to kill more innocent people.

I've seen advertisements for "How to Survive a Nuclear Holocaust." My question is "Why would I want to?" I have an eternity before me in Christ Jesus.

Although we have an eternity before us, we are only given so many days here on earth. We have been given the great gift of salvation through Christ Jesus, so we can stop worrying about trying to 'do the right things in order to please God.' I can't touch the whole world but I can touch the world around me. Thing is there are those that don't want to be touched.

Jesus let the rich, young ruler walk away. He didn't chase him down and try to convince him of coming to His way of thinking. He knew his heart. We are only given so much time to love those around us. I do way too lousy a job at it.

James gave a short sermon today (1.6.08) about 'becoming as a little child.' Tanya ended the first service about hearing it for the 3rd time and still finding a little nugget from God. She mentioned something about getting something from "The Lion King." I was talking to Steve and Mark after the service and said the I've seen some really bad movies that God spoke to me and said, 'You've just wasted 2 hours of your life.'

I feel a lot of times I'm wasting my life. Who do I connect with? Who connects with me? Do the people closest to me even know who I am? Does anyone care about who I am? I know people care about me. I know God loves me. I know Jesus died for me and lives in me. But I still struggle with wondering about people caring. If I throw a party, will anyone show up? Yes, I know people will, but I still wonder. Do they show up out of love for me, or a sense of obligation? Do I think they should show up? People have lives. People have commitments.People have their own world to deal with.

Why all these wasted thoughts? I finished reading a book by Nelson DeMille called Wild Fire. No, it's not a Christian novel. A paragraph in it stuck in my thought processes and I was originally just going to write the paragraph and leave it at that, then I just started typing. Here is the paragraph:

"It was easy to pretend that all was right with the world. It never is, of course, and never was, but you have to steal a few hours now and then, and pretend that the rest of the world isn't going to hell."

We play our video games, we watch our TVs, we rent our DVDs, we go hunting, fishing, we go to work, we go to sleep, we go shopping, we go in debt, we go broke. We gather stuff around us as the people who are near to us wander away or we push them away so we don't get hurt or so we don't have to face the unloving part of ourselves. Or we buy things thinking that it will make those around us love us, but all it does is put us deeper in debt, and the people around still don't love us.

Problem is we don't "steal a few hours." We give them away to movies or games or hunting or fishing. Soon you find that you have no hours left to steal. Your life is nearing the end and the vapor called your existence is gone.

I'm sorry...I'm just rambling. I'm not sure if anyone is going to read this anyway. LOL.

Somebody write me something happy and upbeat...LOL.
JESUS LOVES ME, even in the midst of my stupidity. I cling to that with my very being.

Grace and peace. Love and blessings. May you find something in these ramblings.

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JesusBmyKing said...

I love your ramblings Glen. I have often asked very similar questions (especially lately). I KNOW that there is more to this life on earth than I am living. Jesus came to give us abundant life. This life is not only for eternity (heaven) but for right now. The thing is that I have not found it. My life is all vanity. (I just love Ecclesiastes.)

I sense the working of the Holy Spirit in a very real way, but do not yet know what He's doing. I sense He is preparing the Church with a longing for more... I know my desire for more (of Jesus, His purpose, His will, service to Him) increases daily. Especially when I look around me and see the waste of my own life and the lives of others. I find that the only thing I wonder is if others know Jesus. How can I tell them of the greatness of being enveloped in the love of Christ? Will they even listen?

You are not alone in this place of waiting and wondering. I'm not sure what is going on, but I do know that something is happening and we are on the cusp of ???? I trust in God's provision to get each of us through this and for Him to be glorified all the more as we wait for Him to work it all out.