Monday, December 3, 2007

What More

If the cattle on a thousand hills
All belong to you
What more could we offer up
What more could we do

If the mountains will cry out
If we do not sing
What more could we offer up
Except our everything

So we bring You all our praises
We bring You all our hearts
We bring You our everything
And that is just the start

We give You all our worship
For You’re our worthy King
We give our hands, our hearts, our lives
We give You everything


Carrie said...

Ever try to get something for some one who has EVERYTHING. What ever you end up getting them always seems too small and insignificant.
God our Father is the only Creator, so really does have EVERYTHING. So it is not so much a matter of what more can we give, but what have we been given that we can offer back.
Did that make sense?

DJ GlenMC said...

Everything we have to give is His already...once we realize what a trip...

David Crowder Band has a songs that proclaims...
"You make everything glorious...I am Yours...what does that make me."

Think about that...

Carrie said...

I know, that is why even though I'm totally screwed up, I'm a princess! Really, I am. It is really cool.

DJ GlenMC said...

If we think we got it together...then we're really messed up...LOL.