Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Well done, because you forwarded emails?

Do you ever get those emails that say, “If you love Jesus you’ll send this to a gazillion people, and if you don’t you’re a heathen dog that deserves to spend your time at a raging lake of fire?”

Neither do I, but I do get emails that claim, “You must not love Jesus if you don’t email this to all your friends,” or words to that effect. Most of them have stuff in them I wouldn’t mind passing on to friends because they have good stories in them, then I get to the bottom and the inevitable ‘guilt trip’ is passed on trying to get you to pass the story on. Some of the time, I’ll edit the ‘guilt trip’ part out then pass on the email. But, a lot of the time, I don’t pass it on at all. “Why not?” you may ask.

When we face Jesus on that day, is he going to say, “Well done good and faithful servant,” because I sat at my computer and passed on emails or because I got out and did something that has a loving affect on someone’s life? Is He more concerned that I followed the rules of the ‘church’ or that I loved those around me? Is it more loving to send out an email declaring, “Look at me, I love Jesus, because I forwarded this email,” or because I was willing to say, “Hi,” to someone that is new to our fellowship no matter what they look like?

Love will protect the innocent. Love will do what it can, not because it’s part of ‘religion’ or the ‘rules.’ Love will do, just because it is a part of who Jesus is, and if Jesus is dwelling within you, it becomes a part of who you are.

Romans 8. The flesh vs the Spirit. Doing things because they are part of my ‘religion’ is trying to do it in the ‘flesh.’ Doing it because it is a part of who you’ve become, not to make brownie points, or prove anything about how ‘spiritual’ you are, is walking in the Spirit.

Love follows Jesus, because Jesus is Love. Everything gets back to Jesus.


JesusBmyKing said...

I hear ya brother! There are lots of times I want to foward something on, but due to the "guilt trip" which has absolutely nothing to do with Jesus, I stubbornly refuse. The few times I do send something along, I always remove the disclaimer at the end. :)

I think unbelievers may get discouraged from seeking Christ when they get those emails with the guilt disclaimer. It saddens me that Jesus is portrayed in that light. Perhaps this stems from people just not knowing Him.

Once you know Him (not just know about Him) it becomes impossible to represent Him in a false light. He's so great, wonderful, right, powerful, mighty, gentle, full of grace and peace (I could go on an on) that I want everyone to know Him. They will not be disappointed.

Carrie said...

How true, how true! I love that. It is cool how Jesus teaches His saints. I love hearing about what others have learned from Him. Sometimes His teachings are so out of whack from the way of this world, it seems that is can't be Jesus. But then you hear of how other saints have been getting the same teaching. Jesus is an awesome God. (by the way, I too sometimes forward emails if I really liked them, but I always cut out the guilt trip part.)
Will you check out
This is not a everyone must do it thing. Just something that has fill my heart with such compassion that it is kind of surprising. It is a site that gives the average Joe a chance to send letters to soldiers fighting the war who do not get any or very little mail. Talk about a harvest ripe for the harvest. Life and death situations have a way of ripening people.
Thanks for the post. I promise that I will try my best not to be so pesky about posting.

DJ GlenMC said...

I need to be reminded to post every now and then. Nothing pesky about it Carrie.
Such insight...thank you ladies.
It's all about Jesus...
Blessings and Grace,